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No one was really aware that there were three of us who adored you madly and loved you passionately - or, indeed, that none of us actually had you. But, I embraced you, from so very far away, that my hungry hands separated themselves from my arms, became obsessed fish and swam, urgently, towards you. I kissed you, from such a similar distance, that my lips leapt from my face and followed with fins of their very own...and eyes and scales. 'No single surging, sea could keep you from me. But my memory also became that of a fish, both ephemeral and thin. I shall forget you, the very day after you leave me. My powers of recall will flee from me, so fast, that you will not even see a flicker of recognition in my glassy eyes if you turn back and move to shake hands for the very last time. Blankness will settle upon me, so completely, that even a vestige of regret will never trouble your mind

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maryam hasani art

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